Lithium Ion Battery Packs Air Transportation: Regulation, Rules and Practical Guide 

Batteries based on Lithium Chemistry are Internationally known as Class 9 Hazardous Materials

  Class 9 Materials must be shipped using proper documentation and packaging

Only trained/certified class 9 personnel must perform actual paperwork, packaging and shipment of Lithium-ion  Cells and Battery Packs.

The hazardous materials shipper must meet the DOT's hazardous materials regulations (HMR), 49 CFR Parts 171‐180, and adhere to the following: 

  • Packaging (49 CFR 173) 
  • Markings (49 CFR 172.300) and Labels (49 CFR 172.400) 
  • Shipping Papers (49 CFR 172.200) 

Regulations to use: 

  • Within the US –USDOT
  • Internationally by Air – IATA
  • Internationally by Sea - IMDG

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